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Enviromental Benefits

The typical used toner cartridge weights about 3 pounds and is composed of 40% plastic, 40% metal, and small percentage of rubber, paper, foam, and toner. The plastic is made of engineering grade polymer and takes at least 1,000 years to decompose. However, approximately 97% of these components can be recycled and reduced. Accordingly, using remanufactured toner cartridges reduces pollution and waste by minimizing the amount of materials, such as plastic, steel, aluminum, and rubber disposed of landfills. It also conserves natural resources by eliminating the need of virgin materials used to used to make new cartridges. For each pound of new materials used in remanufacturing 5 to 9 pounds of virgin materials are conserved. Remanufactured toner cartridges save money. Typically, remanufactured cartridges cost 30% to 60% less per copy basis than non remanufactured cartridges.Some cartridge remanufacturers will accept used cartridges at no cost,or even buy them back or provide a credit, depending on a model, therefore saving you even more money. Using remanufactured toner cartridges also saves energy. Approximately 3 quarts of oil are burned in the production of a single new toner cartridge. A toner cartridge can be remanufactured up to four-times, depending on its type and condition, thus potentially saving up to 12 quarts of fuel. We in RVA Trading exercise good quality control. Remanufactured toner cartridge will perform as well as, or better than new cartridges. Almost all suppliers will guarantee that the quality of their remanufactured cartridges will match or exceed that or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).


ROMEO V. AUSTRIA TRADING is a "one-stop shop" for all your needs in imaging supplies, especially Laser Jet Toner consumables. It is considered as one of the fastest growing and most talked about companies in the field of printer cartridge remanufacturing. It aims to achieve the goal of being No. 1 distributor of the best quality ink and toner products, local and foriegn as it keeps up with fast-paced techonology.

For almost three(3) decades in the business industry. RVA Trading has been catering well-known multinational companies natiodwide such as:

      St. Lukes Medical Center (Global City and Quezon City)
      Golden Arches Development Corp. (McDonalds)
      DMCI Rustan's Coffee (Starbucks)
      Makati Development Corp.
      International Wiring System Phil. Inc.
      Phil AXA Life Insurance
      De La Salle University of Dasmarinas Cavite
      Imperial Palace Hotel
      Marco Polo Hotel Cebu
      Cebu City Hall

Furthermore, the company offers the best services and products within the NCR, CALABARZON and nearby northern and southern area as the company continue to expand.


Undistputed leadership in printing services for the local, the Asia Pacific region, and the global arena.


To deliver and make available the best printing products and the fastest services at all time.

The Chronicle

In mid 1994, a small computer shop was born in the heart of Paco Manila. Only three persons started this computer shop business: the technician-owner Romeo V. Austria, a delivery man and one clerk. The trio was trimmed and bonded by numerous experiences that brought them in the pedestal of much brighter future in their field while in the competition to the to the industry medium and big trading companies.
In 1995, the young Austria then decided to register his business at the Department of Trade and Industry under the name, ROMEO V. AUSTRIA TRADING. Since then, RVA has adept the business strategic environment with far mor advanced technological capabilities on computer product and innovations. He even studied at night and successfully completed advance number of subjects in a computer engineering school.
Years later, Romeo V. Austria tapped the expertise in supplying laser toner cartridges in the partnership with his foreign counterpart from North Carolina, USA - STATIC CONTROL COMPONENTS, INC., and rated as No. 1 remanufacturer in the world. The Trading Company so gained a remarkable reputation in the sector of computer-services industry and generated a large amount or supply and demand which later resulted on moving to bigger office located at Mascardo St., Bankal, Makati City.
He then employed more than five hundred (500) employees, composed of variety office professional and staff personnel in differenct related field of work, To ensure optimum performance, RVA personally handled the training and education of all the technicians.
He emphasized that the main objective of an effective and efficient client-servicing is through maintaining the product quality and preserving a sustainable harmonious relationships towards the clients and customer as well.
Romeo V. Austria has made a name in the business world because he believes that quality is the tantamount to properity. The establishment is now fully equipped with the Laser printer (Latest models), test instruments, brand new ink cartridges compatible to Inkjet / Deskjet requirements, computers and other printing materials and equipments.
To ensure that customers are being catered with full satifaction guarantee on all products that we produced, RVA Trading expands its services by offering preventive maintenance and other technical assistance anytime to clients anywhere at a very reasonable and affordable outlay.
Currently, Romeo V. Austria is considered as the man of tomorrow, determined in meeting the technological needs of the fast-pased industry wherein computers are no longer a luxury but a necessity to every walks of life.
At RVA Trading, we are certain to give you the best of quality, the best in services, the best in machinery and the best people for the job delivered right at your doorstep. We opt to provide you the best experience in terms of Total Printing Solution in the new millennial. .

About This Site

RVA Trading is the leading company that can give you the best competitive price and the highest quality product in terms of Print Management Program. Top management of each company has encountered a difficulty in finding their ways on how to save on their operational expenses while being able to meet their printing needs. Various suppliers also offer the same product and services as we do, but do they really have the edge of being the best provider?

Our Team keeps on looking for effective solutions that can help our clients to minimize their expenses, yet still achieving the PREMIUM QUALITY Products they need. At RVA Trading, we recognize the importance of having the best and long partnership with our clients and we continue to evaluate and create effective and beneficial solutions to keep and satisfy our customer’s needs and expectations.

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